Third time’s a charm…

We painted our family room this weekend…again. Third time in 3 years – this time I think it’s a winner. Thank you to my parents for helping me paint – it’s way more fun when you have a crew to help!

Let’s review what the family room looked like when we bought the house:

Rustic cedar paneling, need I say more?

Family Room

Color #1

After removing the paneling and giving the fireplace a facelift, I settled on some sort of greige, I don’t really recall the color:

Family Room - Greige

I was fairly happy with this color for a while. Although at certain times of day the walls had a lavender hue. And then when we purchased new gray sofas, it felt a bit too gray.

Color #2

I had some extra Benjamin Moore – Pale Oak paint from painting one of our bedrooms upstairs, so out came the rollers again. Yet in this room, the color looked totally different – very washed out. (I never did get around to painting the wall with the fireplace and built-ins so you can see the Pale Oak (white) behind the map and the greige on the other).

Family Room - Pale Oak

Color #3:

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been oogling dark moody walls on Pinterest and found House*Tweaking’s blog post about her baby’s nursery painted Benjamin Moore – Dark Pewter. It was/is stunning. I was hemming and hawing – it’s a very bold color and I tend to play it safe with white. Finally I just went for it and couldn’t be happier. Hello Dark Pewter.

Hello Dark Pewter


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